IHO People (In hope of people) is a leading edge, purpose driven enterprise. We are social change activists who believe in co-creating change by engaging leaders and the grassroots at every level to enable greater value.

We help people, organisations and communities make practical change from inside out. Amongst our approaches we use social change, community organising, social movement thinking and self organising principles to call people to action. 

Having a powerful purpose and people engaged are integral to why and how we create value. When purpose is aligned to the mission and values of an organisation, it is more likely to create fulfilled people. When people know the purpose of the organisation they don’t need permission to take the next step, they can just do it.

We bring 35 years experience of opening up the transformative space and enabling change to happen in complex environments. We derive benefit from our own stories of who we are and letting go of who we think we ought to be.

Working with individual, teams and organisations, we provide an approach to bring energy to your change efforts – developing leaders everywhere. We help to create an environment where people can be bold, challenge the status quo and enabled to do their best work. We use approaches that inspire, so people can take ownership of their own change. We believe that people own what they help to create. 

Our story

Jackie is former ‘Head of Transformation’ and national leader of change in the National Health Service (NHS) in England. Jackie has a wealth of experience in change leadership, strategic interventions, and organisational complexity. She took VERY early retirement and is now founder of IHO People. Proudly working in the NHS for 35 years, the fifth largest organisation in the world and largest healthcare system in Europe, she knows what it takes to experience hard journeys in organisations and has learnt how to find the humour in them. Change is constant and never easy to achieve in a hierarchy where change is constantly top down. Read more…

We know that people are in hope of coming to work every day to do a good job but don’t feel they have permission or autonomy to make decisions and changes that they see, yet sometimes feel they can’t make. Many start full of hope, but along the way this hope is replaced with fear. Some work in organisations whose stated missions and values don’t resonate or connect with their experience day to day. As a result, staff have ‘checked out’, become cynical, disengaged or lost their purpose and their productivity with it. Jackie has seen creative disruptors labelled as trouble-makers or people who have lost their purpose, and has successful helped individuals through that transition.

We know organisations are looking to harness the energy and creativity of staff from the bottom up, how to inspire leaders to create change that is not overly controlling. How to mobilise people to be drivers of their own change and enable ideas to bubble up and supported to make change happen. Jackie has made social change and making a difference her life work. She now works with organisations in the UK and  internationally where the issues are the same in any orgnaisation.

Francesca Jovanović joined the NHS in 2014 after 15 years of working as a digital developer, project manager and social change innovator. Francesca combined the best of her skills and experience to focus on helping people and organisations with their transformational needs. Drawing on a deep understanding of technology with broad experience of operations, social change and innovation she has led change with confidence and passion.

In 2014 both Jackie and Francesca worked on NHS Change Day, a grassroots movement gaining over 800,000 pledges for change, spreading to many counties across the world. Developed on social movement thinking and organising and mobilizing for large scale change it was a game changer.

Both saw that the more hope you are able to hold against the vicious cycle of negative expectation, the more likely it is that you will begin to form positive expectations that support the virtuous cycle of innate wellbeing.

IHO People grew out of a renewed belief that people can realize far greater things than we have dared to dream of.

The philosophy for ‘IHO People’ was created to hope bagbring hope to people and the world, by encouraging people to make space and hold hope for others.

After offering two gifts to people to pass on to someone who they think would be encouraged by it and why, ‘hope bags’ were inspired. We encourage people to share a ‘Hope bag’ filled with small items of inspiration with someone they think would be encouraged by it. Since the first bags were given away, many more have been passed on. We have been inspired by the stories of hope and real change sparked by compassion and kindness.

IHO People uses the power of hope to engage and support people and organisations to make a difference and we are working with UK and International clients who are also in hope of their people.

Jackie Lynton: @jackielynton

Francesca Jovanović @FrancescaJov

Our purpose

We enter the heart and minds of people and organisations to make a difference

Our promise

We promise to enable people and organisations to be the drivers of their own change

Why people and the world engage with us

We know people sometimes work in organisations whose stated mission and values don’t always resonate with their experience day to day. People tell us they want a deeper alchemy to work which is more human, with incentives that reward autonomy, collaboration and networking as well as system drivers. When people power their own change, we know it’s sustainable and creates greater value.

Taking care of the soft stuff is the hard stuff!

Who we are

  • We are passionate change activists
  • We have experience of complexity in organisations
  • We are not satisfied with the status quo
  • We are resourceful disruptors
  • We connect people to people
  • We are true to ourselves
  • We care about fairness and justice
  • We are intentional in the way change happens
  • We organise as well as mobilise
  • We develop leaders and build resilience
  • We walk with courage and inspire hope
  • We speak truth to reveal a different way
  • We are in hope of people

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