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  • Helen Sanderson Associates
  • White Boat Company – Films – Chris Godwin
  • Hart Consultancy – Maxine Craig
  • Clare Richmond Consultancy
  • Ashley Brooks – Patient Champion & Guardian Service
  • Elizabeth Lovious –Transformation Coach
  • Lydia Simon – Creative Brand Consultancy
  • Charities and faith based organisations


  • 100 Million Lives Campaign – IHI – Soma Stout, Exec Lead – Boston, USA
  • Freerthinking–Mary Freer – Social Innovation – Australia
  • Confederation of Health Centres – Monique Ferguson and Dr Daniel Burdet –  Belgium
  • Kate Hilton – Senior Faculty, ReThink & Faculty at Institute of Healthcare Improvement – USA
  • Dignity Health – San Francisco, USA
  • Equinix – Marton Jojarth VP – San Francisco, USA
  • LeadINConference – Manu Legein – Belgium
  • Danish Participation Society – Rune Baastrup – Director, Denmark
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We have followed Jackie’s extraordinary work on leadership and health and care transformation for a couple of years, and are delighted to collaborate with her on building a more meaningful and engaging approach to work, social change and public sector transformation.
Rune Baastrup, Director, DeltagerDanmark, Danish Participation Society

Jackie is a great speaker who engages and motivates her crowd. She combines concrete cases and examples from decades of experience with conceptual clarity on leadership, cooperation, purpose and values. I’d highly recommend her to any organisation looking for inspiration and a boost of energy.
Kristian Weise, CEO, Cevea, Denmark

I found Jackie to be the most inspiring speaker of the day and heard the same feedback from many other attendees. She is a great example of balanced leadership and shows that putting forward feminine energy in change can have an ultimate impact and result in the lives of so many employees being more engaged and motivated. Don’t hesitate to have her on stage at your conference or hire her as a consultant in your change projects! She’s really able to create that hope and change people are already looking for!
Danielle Moens – Co-founder – Centre for Balanced Leadership – Belgium

Jackie is a natural facilitator, a master conductor of people. Her passion for social change driven by her own experience created a dynamic and accessible forum that was both involving and thought-provoking. A lot was covered in one well crafted– Social change hackathon, that had both sense of purpose and progress without being prescriptive, giving voice to all who attended creating a genuinely collaborative event, and ending with some key learnings for each of us.
Clare Richmond – Brighton

Jackie was a speaker on a leadership congress we at Lead-In, a Belgian transformational leadership organization, arranged for in April 2016, in Brussels. Already in her short video message that we used on our website to promote the congress we found Jackie to be a warm person, able to bring across enthusiasm and a willingness to share her extensive experience in the domain of transformation of organisations& companies. Her presentation at the event itself was enlivening, with humour and wit, and of course a great deal of knowledge and expertise. It is clear she knows how to get a vibe & drive across, and is very knowledgeable on how to bring about change in organizational culture and employee engagement. Truly a motivational speaker.
Manu Legein – Lead In conference – Belgium

The humblest part about Jackie is the extent of her reach and compassion. I know her mission of giving hope is genuinely for the greater benefit of people. With 35 years of NHS experience from nursing to leadership she roles her sleeves up and delivers. Her work and connection with others has reached thousands of NHS staff. Jackie has made a massive contribution to the NHS without doubt. She has touched the lives of thousands of us in the UK and beyond.
Ashley Brooks – Patient champion/consultant – London

Often change is difficult however; working with Jackie was transformational. Her coaching sessions helped me to understand myself and empowered me to identify how I can develop my business and future goals. The skills and concepts I learned will be invaluable for the rest of my career.
Lydia Simon – Creative Consultant – London

Jackie’s message about change touched chords deep in our souls, leaving us in tears and joyful hope at the same time.
Marton Jojarth – VP Customer Services – Equinix – USA

I have seen many inspirational speakers in my life (I am a Toastmaster and TED Talk addict), but Jackie’s presentation during a recent Lead-In Conference that united some of the world’s most influential speakers with Belgian leaders who are moved to reinvent themselves, really took my breath away.
Jackie spoke nearly at the end of a long day, but she managed to wake everyone up with her enthusiasm which she wrapped us in the second she took the stage. Most importantly, the extraordinary story she told of transformation, from the bottom up. It reminded me of the quote from Margaret mead “Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever does.” Thank you, Jackie for your energy and your inspiration and for setting the stage for more small groups to follow in your footsteps.
Anita Sheehan- ImpaktCoaching & Consulting- Belgium

Jackie is a great speaker who engages and motivates her crowd. She combines concrete cases and examples from decades of experience with conceptual clarity on leadership, cooperation, purpose and values. I’d highly recommend her to any organisation looking for inspiration and a boost of energy.
Kristian Weise, CEO, Cevea, Denmark

I heard Jackie speak at a women’s networking event and her story resonated with me in such a way that I knew she was the right person to help me navigate the journey to telling my own story. The coaching sessions with Jackie are comfortable and her insightful way of helping you find your own solutions will empower and create momentum in whatever area of life you choose to work on. IHO People seeks to make a profound change and that is exactly what you will experience in your life!
Anita harewood – Business owner, Leciester

Change is constant but sometimes people lose hope. Jackie Lynton has the insight and passion to create person-centred, dynamic change. In Hope of People is the engine that will move your organisation, project or community to the next level.
Mary Freer, Freer Thinking, Austrailia

When I met Jackie I was lost in the system spending all my energy trying to repress my personality to be able to fit in. Jackie told me that it was ok to be different and be myself. She transformed my fear into hope. She sparked my fire in my belly and reignited my passion for Nursing. In 4 years I went from being unemployable to being shortlisted as a UK Nurse of the Year Awards.
Joan Pons Laplana – Nurse, Sheffield

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