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After spending 35 years in the NHS working across different clinical, operational and strategic roles and as a former national head of transformation I learnt a huge amount about change. One of those important lessons, relevant to any business is – if your current change methods are not working then it’s time to change the conversation.

If you are leading change and need a new starting point, start by changing your conversation, bringing your change effort to the edge, where you can see and create new possibilities. Change programmes and engagement approaches that don’t recognise a social era are been challenged with more open and relational approaches. Forward thinking organisations build relationships and networks, make space for understanding purpose and how human capital relates to the bottom line. We know people want a better experience of values in action, a deeper alchemy to work that is more human, with incentives that reward autonomy, collaboration and networking as well as traditional rewards.

  • IF you are you are a leader or organisation that is challenged to make a difference in the world or
  • IF you want purpose and a sense of continual well-being for yourself, organisation and people, and
  • IF you want to re-imagine the future and create new dynamic relationships letting emerge what is wanting to be born, then start a new conversation at the edge. This video shares my journey to the edge:

 Jackie Lynton – is Founder and Social Change Activist – IHO People: Twitter @jackielynton      Website: Email:






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